I am a creatively driven, detail-oriented and passionate designer with corporate, freelance, small business, and not-for-profit experience in communication design, web design, e-marketing, writing, editing, and digital photography.

Armed with a BA in Geography, my career path began with a variety of communication positions where I acquired experience in database design and development, and strategic business communication, which included writing for reports, presentations, and newsletters. With further post-secondary education to receive a diploma in graphic design and publishing I have been fortunate to combine this communications experience with my longtime passion for all things creative. The scope of my design work has included graphic design for print and web, digital illustration and photography, book design, signage design, collateral design, product design, identity design, and the development and execution of e-marketing and social media campaigns.

 On a personal note, I am most in my element surrounded by a vista that sees treetops reaching the sky and waves rushing the shore. Add in exquisitely crafted local food and drink served up in a space rich with culture and I’m home sweet home.